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Annonce xxx Forum 18+ Montreal, quebec et Plus est pour fins d'information et l'échange d'idées, il n'est pas parrainé par, ni reflète les vues de gestion du site. annoncexxx.com

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I am the new girl

By intermission time, we had been totally entertained by a natural rock and roll band that could and did perform intricate harmonies, complex chord patterns, tight endings and snappy patter indeed a complete show with the four of them. But with the beginning of the second set Sgt Pepper duds and fake moustaches they were trammelled by the addition of a CD play along track of synthesized orchestral music, to which they had to play along with on a track through their wireless earphones. It was a travesty! We in the audience looked around the stage to see if a synth player was in the wings.

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